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Cartoozo is a leading Internet Marketing & SEO Agency specialising in all kinds of Internet Marketing activities. We serve a varied and broad clientele globally with our world class internet marketing services which includes Web Design & Development, Search Engine Optimisation, Reputation Management, Social Media Marketing, E-commerce and mobile solutions. We help businesses to make the most from the Internet. Whether you want to attract more customers to your website, build your online reputation or generate more sales, our team can help build your business and set you above your competitors.

With many years of experience and a large active base of SEO & digital marketing clients, we are dedicated to achieving the best possible results for your business and your customers, whatever your requirements.

We live and breathe SEO & digital marketing and we specialise in strategies that deliver the highest return on investment for your business. We like to work with our partners so you literally have an extra member of your team on board with you to advise, implement and analyse whatever you require.



The client was looking for a company with expertise in SEO and digital marketing to help them become the top-rated deep tissue sports massage expert in North Houston.


We built a brand new website for the client from scratch. The client had a very old website based on a template, but the new site is code-based, looks beautiful, and is well-written. We update it regularly and make sure there are no issues with functionality, and we carry out SEO for the client too.


We turned the client into a leading expert in deep tissue sports massage in all of Houston (not just North Houston). We generated more business for them. 3 months after we started, the client was turning away 5–10 appointments a day and had to hire more people


Client had previously worked with an SEO firm whose failure to use best practice resulted in a manual penalty from Google. Their website was removed from the index, and rankings were totally erased. The client needed the penalty to be removed, and for the site to be completely rebuilt and optimised.


Solution was to remove the penalty which was holding the clients website back and get the website listed again. It was then to gain back all the lost rankings that client had suffered due to the poor work of the previous agency.


The main objective of successfully removing the manual penalty from Google was completed. Our efforts ultimately moved the clients website to the top of page rankings for several very relevant keywords. We significantly improved traffic and that shows the SEO work has definitely worked.


The client did not good online presence. They needed help to get everything up to date and more traffic coming online.


We wanted to make the website more attractive and redesign it. The client is part of a franchise and it was not easy to work within this structure. However we created a stunning website from the beginning and integrated two websites together and developed a fantastic end product.


The clients rankings are improving everyday. They started with 1 or 2 inquires, but now they are getting 6-7 inquiries per day and more engagement online. The campaign is still going and is still improving daily. Client is very happy with the work we are doing.

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