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Market Jar

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Market Jar is a leading SEO agency that helps High-Ticket Businesses grow through technical strategies and relatable and measurable data you can understand. With an average client retention of 2 years, we are trusted to significantly increase sales for our clients.


With a combined 80+ years of experience, and a strong team of search engine marketers, Market Jar is committed to providing its clients with the highest-quality solutions that help them smash their goals and objectives in the most effective way possible.


Market Jar stands out against other SEO companies because we don't use confusing technical jargon, and we remain entirely a revenue-focused agency. A lot of our clients have been with us since the start, and we’ve been instrumental in their return increasing tenfold.


We understand that the time and resources invested into SEO are costly, so we focus on achieving ROI to suit our client’s budgets.


By providing comprehensive, ethical SEO services tailored to the needs of each client, we can help our clients reach their desired goals and increase their revenue much faster.


We started as purely an SEO agency and have since added other digital growth services over the years. Each service contributes to our mission of gaining you more momentum online.


We are also a Google Premier Partner (awarded to the top 3% of companies worldwide), which

means we are excellent at providing Google Ads services to help skyrocket your business growth.


And of course, we remain a proud SEMrush partner.



Gasm Drinks was facing a challenge with its outdated website and poor online sales. They were struggling to attract customers and generate sales, which was affecting their overall business growth.


Over just four months, we worked diligently to develop a cutting-edge Shopify website for our client. Alongside the development, we also created a comprehensive ethical SEO campaign to drive traffic and engagement to the website.


We’re solely responsible for the double order growth, received by the website during that specific time frame, and the new Shopify CMS is incredibly user-friendly, making it easy for the client to operate. The results speak for themselves.


This Flexible Workspace Company had a lovely-looking website, however, it was not being used as a lead magnet.


We adapted our proven organic strategies to help them achieve their goals. Improving site speed, user experience and generally making it easier for both Google and users to access. Building outreach funnels, and finding PR editors to write editorial about them has been amazing for them.


For this flexible Workspace Company, they started with just 210 leads over paid and organic. Over the space of just 6 months we've increased that by over 1,208%. They've now been able to open another office, and have well over 3,000 leads a month.


Big Hearted Breeders, a reputable breeder of rare dog breeds, faced a significant challenge in expanding their online presence and attracting potential customers. Despite their dedication to ethical breeding practices and quality puppies, they struggled to rank prominently in search engine results.


Our efforts have helped BHB establish a stronger online presence and achieve sustainable growth for their business. Through improved search engine rankings, and increased organic traffic, Big Hearted Breeders are now better equipped to connect with pet enthusiasts and grow their client base.


We've significantly improved their organic traffic and overall business performance. We have increased their organic traffic by 2,080%. Additionally, we increased their sales by an increase of 1,700%.

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