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The Web Guys

The Web Guys

Our clients rely on online success. We deliver it.

Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand





The Web Guys NZ is a leading digital agency renowned for its exceptional expertise and remarkable results in the online realm. With an impressive track record, they have propelled an astounding 30 keywords to the coveted first position on Google's search results, showcasing their mastery of search engine optimisation. Furthermore, a total of 140 keywords have secured positions within the top three, highlighting their capabilities in terms of SEO.

Their portfolio speaks volumes about their craftsmanship, having meticulously crafted custom websites to global standards. Noteworthy clients such as KPMG and Autex Acoustics stand as testaments to their prowess in web design and development. Whether it's crafting bespoke solutions or breathing new life into existing platforms, The Web Guys NZ consistently exceeds expectations.

Beyond web design, their comprehensive suite of services encompasses the full spectrum of digital marketing. From meticulously tailored ad campaigns to reliable hosting solutions, they ensure that every aspect of their clients' online presence is optimised for success. Additionally, their proficiency extends to theme websites, offering versatile options to suit diverse needs.

In essence, The Web Guys NZ epitomise excellence in the digital landscape, seamlessly blending creativity, technical prowess, and strategic acumen to empower businesses to thrive in the online sphere. With a proven track record and an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, they stand as trusted partners in the journey towards digital success.

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“Our website had been through multiple builds, but it wasn’t getting any better. I sat through long discovery sessions but our providers weren’t listening to our needs. As a digital marketing specialist, I didn’t have the essential tools I needed to execute.”


Caroline praised smooth collaboration. Autex's site launched successfully despite tight deadlines. Ongoing optimisation aims to boost web presence. Caroline commended prompt solutions from the dev team, especially Nick. Robin's Google Search promise exceeded expectations.


Autex’s KPIS on the website build were traffic, engagement, and conversion. They’ve seen massive increases from underperforming to leading their market. 1: “We get asked about our website all the time. I think it’s the best in our industry.” 2: “The UK site traffic has increased by 78%."


Rich Tangney, Sales and Marketing director, joined CannaPlus+ in late 2022 to drive revenue growth. First on the agenda? A new website. “Given the advertising restrictions in place on medical cannabis, I knew from day one that SEO was going to be incredibly important to our long-term growth.”


Given the time pressure involved, we ran a very streamlined version of our consultative design process before cracking straight into building the website. “We only gave The Web Guys a couple weeks to have the new site up and running, and they nailed it. Sam obviously knows his stuff!".


“SEO is a long game. You can’t expect results overnight, but 6 months into work with The Web Guys we’re one of the top-ranking results on Google for our keywords.” Because CannaPlus+ has a complicated tech stack including many marketing tools, we chose to mesh web data into the existing framework.


In March of the previous year, we initiated our SEO campaign, identifying a significant shortfall in organic traffic due to an insufficient presence of generic keywords ranking on Google. At that time, the website ranked for a total of 392 keywords.


Our campaign began with a website audit, uncovering various technical and on-page issues. Managing a Shopify site added complexity due to limited backend access. Resolving these challenges required developer involvement, initially posing hurdles, which we had to overcome.


Before our efforts the website ranked for a total of 392 keywords. Fast forward to today, and we have successfully increased this number to 567 ranked keywords. Even with the added complexity of the E-Commerce platform, we managed to significantly improve all aspects of the website.

Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand 营销公司 The Web Guys 通过 SEO 和数字营销帮助了 Autex Acoustics 发展业务
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