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4.9 is Toronto’s premier digital solutions provider, specializing in cutting-edge web design, development, and digital marketing. With over two decades of expertise, we elevate businesses by crafting custom websites that are visually stunning, highly functional, and optimized for user engagement.

Our suite of digital marketing services encompasses SEO, PPC, content marketing, and social media management, tailored to increase visibility and drive targeted traffic. Our SEO strategies enhance your search engine rankings, expanding your reach and attracting organic traffic. In PPC, we focus on maximizing ROI through cost-effective ad placements. Our content marketing efforts aim to establish your brand as a thought leader by producing engaging, informative content that captivates your audience.

Social media strategies at are designed to amplify your online presence, engage with audiences, and encourage active participation across all platforms. We align our social media campaigns with your business goals, promoting brand consistency and audience growth.

We also provide comprehensive e-commerce solutions, from storefront creation to conversion optimization, ensuring your online sales channels are efficient and customer-friendly. Email marketing services are crafted to deliver compelling messages directly to your target audience, enhancing lead generation and customer retention.

Our website maintenance and troubleshooting services ensure that your digital platforms operate flawlessly, providing ongoing support to handle any issues swiftly.

At, we adopt a holistic, data-driven approach to digital marketing, adapting our strategies based on detailed analytics and evolving market trends. We are committed to client-centric excellence, collaborating closely with you to understand your unique needs and deliver customized digital strategies.

Partner with to transform your digital presence. Harness our expertise to boost your brand, engage effectively with your customers, and achieve sustained business growth.

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In this project, the challenge was that the website wasn't getting enough traffic to convert to sales.


We did a deep dive and studied competition, keywords, and SEO. We improved UI/UX making everything one click away; we streamlined the checkout process. We also developed and deployed a new content strategy; we worked on off-page SEO. Finally, we optimized our web pages and increased page speed.


Which resulted in an overall increase of organic traffic by 200%. All of our efforts have been highly successful! The website now outperforms the competition and has grown tremendously since we began.


Justenbois, an e-commerce company, faced challenges in generating sufficient conversions and improving online sales. They needed to find effective strategies to attract qualified traffic, optimize their website, and increase conversion rates.

解决方案 leveraged SEMrush's tools: competitive analysis, keyword research, on-page optimization, backlink analysis, paid ad optimization, and performance tracking.


Using and SEMrush, they experienced a 30% increase in organic search traffic, a 25% boost in overall conversion rates, and a 20% growth in revenue within six months of implementing the SEMrush-driven optimization efforts.


The challenge of boosting sales for an online retail store was daunting. We needed to improve the website’s user experience and increase visibility on Google.


We used SEMrush to see where we ranked for the most relevant keywords, optimize our website and content for search engines, and monitor our competition's performance. To make sure we were on track with our goals, we used SEMrush's analytics reports to track our progress over time.


It was remarkable. It allowed me to target specific keywords that increased traffic, visibility and rankings on SERPs. Ultimately, we ended up with a lot of traffic for our client, which we funnelled and converted into sales!

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