ContentShake: Easily Create Engaging Content That Clicks with Your Customers

April 18, 2023image

Writing high-quality content requires dedication and topical expertise. You should also have a good idea of how to assemble and optimize it to generate organic traffic and conversions.

But what if you could do it faster while keeping the human element in your articles?

Check out ContentShake, a brand-new tool created to make your content writing simple and smooth.

Use it to automate your entire content creation process: from finding ideas to writing, optimizing, and publishing blog posts directly to WordPress.

What Is ContentShake?

ContentShake is a content writing tool that uses AI and Semrush’s powerful competitive intelligence data to help you build unique, engaging content faster.

It guides you from ideation to publishing content on the blog, analyzes questions your audience asks online, provides competitive insights, and composes copy with AI.

Why Use ContentShake?

With ContentShake, you can write better content faster without the need to become a content marketing guru.

Use it to:

  • Get content ideas based on what’s trending in your niche
  • Assemble and structure articles with data-driven tips
  • Write and rewrite content faster with AI
  • Optimize your content’s readability and tone of voice
  • Make sure your blog posts are SEO-friendly
  • Transfer your articles to Google Docs
  • Publish blog posts to WordPress without leaving the tool

Quickly Assemble High-Performing Articles

ContentShake will help you shape your article’s structure and its main elements.


It can:

  • Build an outline for your blog post
  • Suggest engaging introductions
  • Come up with title and headline ideas
  • Provide tips on the target keywords
  • Recommend images and interesting facts to add to your article

You can also use the “Compose with AI” feature to write bits of copy faster.

Optimize Your Content for Engagement and Traffic

Once you’ve written your article using the tips above, it’s time to optimize it for users and search engines!


ContentShake will score your copy and highlight issues related to:

  • Readability
  • Tone of voice
  • SEO

You can then see each piece of copy that needs some extra work and improve it in one click using AI. The tool can rewrite, simplify, expand, or summarize your text.


Share and Publish Your Articles in One Click

Once you have your article ready, you can transfer it to Google Docs or publish it to WordPress in one click—without leaving the tool. To do that, you’ll simply need to install a WordPress plug-in.

Start Writing Your Next Article Now!

Are you ready to dive in? Start with free access to ContentShake and create high-quality content faster to attract more customers to your website.