Elevate Your Social Media with AI Social Content Generator

April 6, 2023image

As anyone in the social media marketing world knows, creating high-quality, effective social content is a lot harder than it looks. Between coming up with enough fresh ideas, actually creating that content, and maintaining a consistent brand voice, it can sometimes feel like you’re juggling elephants.

But what if you could make it easier?

Enter the AI Social Content Generator by Predis.AI, now available in the Semrush App Center.

Save time and step up your social game with the power of AI, as you create and edit fresh, branded content in just a few clicks.

What Is AI Social Content Generator?

AI Social Content Generator is an AI content creation tool for social media. Using a simple text prompt, it automatically generates content such as images, carousels, and videos specific to your brand, complete with descriptive captions. It also analyzes your social media competitors to help you create a better strategy.

Why Use AI Social Content Generator?

AI Social Content Generator makes maintaining an active, vibrant social media presence easier than ever.

It can:

  • Generate new social media content in seconds, so you’ll never miss a post again
  • Automatically create and caption image and video content based on your prompts
  • Customize content to align with your brand’s style and tone of voice
  • Analyze your social media competitors to identify the best-performing content types

Create Brand-Aligned Social Content in Seconds

With AI Social Content Generator, you’ll never run out of ideas or content again. All you have to do is enter a prompt, and the app can create any type of post you need, including educational and promotional videos, images, polls and more.

You can also use any of the tool’s beautiful post templates—or design your own—to create content manually. Soon, you’ll have a full library of high-quality, ready-to-post content.

Customize Your Content with Logos, Tone of Voice, Hashtags, and More

AI Social Content Generator creates content based on your brand guidelines. You can designate:

  • Your logos
  • Brand colors
  • Target hashtags
  • Preferred font (including custom fonts)
  • Your social handle and website
  • Custom post templates

This way, every piece of content you generate will align with your branding and overall strategy.

But that’s not all. Every post you create is fully customizable. In just a few clicks, you can update your content’s:

  • Color palette
  • Template and design
  • Text and images
  • Post captions
  • Target hashtags
  • Tone (Casual, Funny, Formal, Witty, Persuasive, or Empathetic)

Analyze Your Social Competitors in a Click

AI Social Content Generator can also help you create a better social strategy through competitive research. How? By analyzing your top competitors to find out what works best for them.

All you have to do is enter your competitor’s social handles and pick a date range, and the app does the rest.

You’ll uncover:

  • Their audience size, average engagement, and other statistics
  • The type of content they post most often
  • What types of content get the most engagement from their audience
  • When they’re most active

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