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hey there, we're BitterRoot!

we're a full-service content marketing agency that cut its teeth working with companies like Clean Origin, VRAI, and Frank Darling. We tap into the power of content marketing and supercharge it with SEO and UX principles to create a powerful, lasting impact on your audience. This approach has been proven time and again to drive real results for our clients. We’re not just copywriters—we’re content enjoyers ourselves who believe in creating experiences that people love as much as we do.

we currently offer three content marketing services: content strategy, content creation and implementation, and podcast marketing. we meet our clients exactly where they are whether it be assessing their current content strategy to identify opportunity or developing and implementing an entire content marketing campaign from scratch.

we also believe in doing good, not just by our clients but by the world at large. that's why we donate 1% of all our profits to nonprofit organizations committed to creating economic, racial, and environmental justice in our communities.



After transitioning off of Etsy, SMB e-commerce store found themselves struggling with driving organic traffic, establishing brand authority, maintaining technical SEO, and driving sales without the backing of the Etsy brand.


BRC conducted extensive research to segment target audiences, perform keyword research, optimize SEO, and identify opportunities to surpass competitors. This allowed them to refine their marketing strategy with high-ranking, custom-made, SEO-informed content.


The numbers speak for themselves: 357% increase in organic traffic 22% increase in revenue 21% increase in customers 5 point increase in domain authority


After three years in business, a SMB luxury home-goods retailer struggled with increasing their average monthly revenue. Further, their conversion rate was stagnated, while they were able to diversify their marketing channels they found that attracting the right type of customer was eluding them.


BitterRoot Content provided an enhanced SEO strategy alongside personalized marketing campaigns and high-value content creation to provide a seamless user experience across a multi-channel platform. Rooted in data-driven insights, an increase in both conversion rate and revenue was witnessed.


-Sales increased 20% -Conversion rate improved 15% -Returning customer rate was increased by 176% -43% of sales were attributed to implemented marketing programs


The company had been growing steadily over the past few years, but they were looking for a way to take their business to the next level. They had a great product and an even better customer experience, but they needed help getting more people in the virtual door.


Working in collaboration with their in-house SMM team, BitterRoot Content revised their SEO strategy, streamlined their inbound marketing campaigns, detoxified backlinks and built a healthy portfolio of high quality and ranking backlinks.


Client surpassed $2.5 million in AGR, scaled their social media profiles to 40k, and increased organic traffic by 40%.

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