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B2B Marketing Agency

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates





We are a B2B marketing agency specialized in technical, engineering-driven industries. We help B2B businesses capture their target market, engage their audiences and drive business growth.

We are certified partners for Google, HubSpot, and Semrush, with capabilities in four disciplines: marketing, content, web, and PR.

Our typical client is a medium to large engineering-driven B2B business (any type of engineering). Engineers are the real value creators, but they struggle when it comes to marketing. We help them reach their target market, communicate and capture the value they create, and grow their business.

We are dedicated to B2B marketing which we believe is more rational, less subjective, and can make a bigger impact especially with higher ticket prices and marginal values. B2B Marketing requires a deeper level of understanding of the business, its inner workings, its environment and its target market. It demands a more sophisticated approach to reaching the target audience and driving them to action. This is mainly achieved through engaging B2B content and effective performance marketing.

We are both a consultancy and an agency, delivering results to clients through four integrated disciplines: marketing, content, web, and PR. These disciplines would typically be split across multiple agencies which can lead to difficulties in coordination and communication and may affect overall results. By combining these disciplines under one roof, we provide our clients with a seamless service delivered through a single point of contact.

  • 预付费用
  • 基于项目
  • $1,000 +
  • United Arab Emirates
  • 英语
  • 西班牙语
  • 法语
  • 阿拉伯语


The client needed help managing paid media to generate B2B leads, struggling with inefficient in-house ad setups and low-quality non-B2B leads. They faced strict conversion criteria, targeting complexities across multiple European countries and languages.


Implemented a detailed marketing strategy, optimizing multilingual campaigns and utilizing analytics for performance tracking. Focus shifted towards conversion optimization, refining targeting, and ad strategies.


Achieved a tripling of leads and conversions within 3 months, reducing conversion costs by over 60%, leading to a satisfied client and a long-term partnership.


The company needed LinkedIn marketing support for targeted ABM campaigns in the Middle East, focusing on winning key high-value accounts in the healthcare sector. Despite active sales teams, they lacked visibility and credibility throughout the decision-making process.


Launched ABM and Brand Awareness campaigns using Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and email marketing, focused on targeted accounts. Created and adapted content for local and regional audiences, supporting campaign objectives on LinkedIn.


Successfully influenced target accounts and identified new high-value prospects, leading to RFP invitations from three major accounts in the region, including significant leads from outside the target list.


The IT service provider, specializing in IT solutions for the financial sector, faced online visibility issues and a lack of quality leads despite efforts and paid campaigns. Recent website investments made them hesitant to start anew, alongside the need to promote a new range of IT risk solutions.


Optimized the existing website with improved content, CTAs, and forms for better conversion and visibility. Launched targeted Google Search Ads for high-demand services and ABM campaigns on LinkedIn, coupled with display ads and brand awareness activities to promote new solutions effectively.


Within a month, the pilot campaign showed significant results, leading to the selection of Cactix for all future marketing efforts. The client now enjoys a steady flow of high-quality leads from both organic and paid channels, with no increase in advertising expenditure.

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