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DigiLogic, Inc.

DigiLogic, Inc.

Crafting Digital Legacies, One Brand at a Time.

Clearwater, Florida, United States



At DigiLogic, we go beyond just developing websites or running digital marketing campaigns; we build digital legacies. With over two decades of expertise in digital marketing, web development, SEO, and social media management, we offer a comprehensive suite of services that holistically cover the needs of modern businesses.

Our tagline, 'Crafting Digital Legacies, One Brand at a Time,' encapsulates our philosophy. We believe that your brand is more than just a logo or a set of services. It's a story and a unique value proposition. That's why we invest in crafting narratives that resonate not only with your target audience but also with the larger digital ecosystem.

In an age where internet navigation and social media realms can be daunting, DigiLogic serves as your digital guide. Our team of seasoned experts works diligently to understand your business objectives and customer demographics. From this deep understanding, we sculpt digital strategies tailored for maximum impact, ensuring that you attract and retain your valued customers.

We focus on translating your story into meaningful online engagements, extending your reach, and maximizing conversions. Our well-rounded solutions are agile, scalable, and adaptive to the ever-changing digital landscape. We offer everything from SEO Mastery and Web Design to Advertising Campaigns and Specialized Services aimed at amplifying your digital presence.

We consider our client partnerships sacred and invest time and resources to ensure your brand is not just visible but vital in the digital world. Allow us to steer your digital journey, providing you with the insights, tools, and strategies to excel online while you focus on what you do best: running your business.

Experience the digital edge; partner with DigiLogic.

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LBP faced two main issues: underperforming Google Ads campaigns and a lack of organic traffic on their e-commerce site. They needed expert intervention for Google Ads optimization and comprehensive SEO services to improve online visibility and ROI.


We revamped LBP's Google Ads strategy, continuously monitoring and fine-tuning campaign performance. Additionally, we overhauled their e-commerce SEO, focusing on on-page improvements, strategic keyword targeting, and ensuring search-engine friendly website structure.


Two months in, clicks increased by 164%, and conversions rose by 139%, with a 52% reduction in CPC. At six months, our SEO efforts enhanced organic visibility and keyword rankings, leading to a 262% surge in clicks, a 234% boost in conversions, and a 54% CPC reduction at the nine-month mark.


The Rotary Club of Indian Rocks Beach aimed to honor service members through their Flags For Service event but faced challenges in managing donations, orders, and payments efficiently. They needed a digital solution to streamline these processes while broadening their reach.


We revamped their website, adding a dedicated "Flags for Service" page with e-commerce functionalities. This enabled seamless promotion, order acceptance, and online payments, freeing the club to focus on core activities and effectively share their initiative across digital platforms.


The digital makeover resulted in a surge in donations and orders, with the added benefit of time and resource savings due to automated processes. The update amplified the club's reach and impact, making their initiative about both fundraising and community awareness.


TFW, a top-tier clinic in Clearwater, FL, had limited online visibility and needed a website that resonated with their focus on family health. This lack of digital presence was affecting their ability to reach new patients.


We built a visually pleasing, functional website and implemented a healthcare-focused SEO strategy. This included keyword research, on-page optimization, and local SEO tactics tailored for the Clearwater area.


Within five months, the clinic's online visibility rose to 14.76%, and estimated traffic increased by an astounding 2,281%, transforming them into a digitally prominent healthcare provider in their locality.

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Renee Haertle
Oct 6, 2021

Mike is the absolute BEST!! I own a food truck company and he has been a Godsend for our marketing plan. He built our beautiful website and helped with our text notification campaign. Everything runs so smooth and if there is ever an issue, Mike is a text message away to help resolve the problem. He is part of our team and we highly recommend his services.