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LogicBarn was founded to help your business succeed. Our future-focused approach allows us to take care of your business no matter where you are. At LogicBarn, everyone is welcome. We work with businesses of various sizes from across all industries. Our vision is to provide the most efficient solutions tailored for your business needs. We promise that each business will receive a personalized experience, excellent service and a high level of knowledge. We conduct a host of professional services for business that include: - Website Design & Management - SEO Services - Managed IT services - Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising - Business Telephone Services - Content Writing LogicBarn provides expert business development services that take your business to the next level.
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The challenge for LogicBarn was not only to build a website, but impart the website design and SEO knowledge so that the team at Pyramid Carpets could edit and manage the website themselves.


LogicBarn developed a website that brought in results for Pyramid Carpets helping them to sustain their progress. The challenge for LogicBarn was not only to build a website, but impart the website design and SEO knowledge so that the team at Pyramid Carpets could edit and manage the website.


LogicBarn was excellent. Their price wasn’t actually the cheapest quote we received, but the advice received prior to parting with a penny was second to none and was a clear indication to the level of detail, attention and professionalism that this company would offer us. Edward Cooper - Manager


Struggling to gain new traffic, KAD Civils realised that their website was impacting the amount of custom they were receiving. Undiscoverable online, their website was hindering them from gaining valuable custom; leading to low visitor traffic and poor performance.


Ongoing SEO was developed throughout the site, in order to solve the main issue KAD Civils were experiencing; little to no traffic. Moving the site from the popular but SEO poor website creation platform Wix to elevating their online presence with SEO rich platform WordPress.


Right when we needed them, LogicBarn Digital stepped in and helped solve many of the recurring problems we were having with our website. After creating a brand new site, we noticed our site traffic had exponentially increased, and we were once again at the top of our game.


Gold Crest Chartered Surveyors are an established company wanting to take their business to the next level. Gold Crest wants a website that doesn’t just look good, but want a website development company that can tie in fantastic design and functionality, with real SEO results that improve sales.


The focus was on providing quality content for users, while at the same time funneling them through to achieve the desired response: to contact Gold Crest or complete an enquiry form to facilitate their services. We ensured this was the case on every page of the site, contact details were prominent.


LogicBarn have been fantastic. Before LogicBarn transformed our website we were taking on around 90 jobs a month through our website, we're now converting 270+ jobs through our website each month and rising.