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Ruby Digital

Ruby Digital

The Premium SEO & Digital Marketing Agency

United States




In the bustling and opportunity-laden US digital landscape, Ruby Digital stands as a pioneer for transformation and success.  

For over a decade, we've mastered the skill of turning potential into tangible results for ambitious companies like yours.  


Our mission is simple: to propel your company forward with innovative digital marketing strategies that foster growth and engagement. 


At Ruby Digital, we don't just see ourselves as a B2B digital marketing company—we become an integral part of your team, standing as your virtual digital marketing partner.  


In today's interconnected world, an isolated approach to business can limit your growth potential. We work closely with you to create a seamless blend of ideas and strategies, ensuring that your vision is brought to life in the most effective way. 


Our Approach: 

  • ROI-Focused Solutions: Maximizing your marketing investment is our priority. We deliver measurable growth and tangible returns that justify your trust in us. 
  • Strategic Expertise: With a deep understanding of the dynamic US market, we craft tailored campaigns that precisely target your ideal customers. 
  • Data-Driven Insights: By analyzing performance data, we refine strategies to continuously expand your online presence and reach. 


We are driven by two bold ambitions, first, to deliver premium, first-class digital marketing solutions that propel ambitious US companies forward, and to become your trusted and effective performance marketing partner.  


What sets us apart? 

  • It’s our enthusiasm for delivering results that makes a difference. 
  • It’s our unwavering commitment to ensuring every client of ours walks away satisfied, having seen their visions turned into reality. 
  • It’s our knack for thinking outside the box and bringing innovative strategies to the often-predictable world of online marketing.  


Let's conquer the digital world together!

  • 预付费用
  • $2,500 +
  • South Africa
  • 英语


Tiki Time Bay Tours partnered with Ruby Digital with a primary focus on increasing website tour bookings through integrated paid marketing advertising (Paid Social and Google Advertising). Campaign Commencement: June 2023


Utilizing long-term narrow interest focus and Remarketing Meta Ad campaigns, we aimed to increase online bookings by enhancing ad quality and refining audience targeting. View the full solution here:


View the full results for both Meta and Google Ads here:


PRS approached Ruby Digital intending to enhance their Google visibility through a comprehensive worldwide SEO campaign spanning 14 countries. Their primary focus was to boost website ranking for the word “geocells” in each targeted country.


Collaborating with our team of developers, we established the correct folder structure for the site based on keyword mapping. This served as the foundation for building individual country versions of the website. See the full solution at


- Achieved top 3 places in 4 out of the 5 priority countries. - Globally, witnessed a 74% growth in organic traffic year-on-year. - Notable increases in organic traffic: - South Africa: 336% - Canada: 161% - Mexico: 21% - Brazil: 382% - Argentina: 152%


Ruby Digital managed monthly SEO for Thanda Safari and Thanda Island and identified the need for improved site speeds. Recognizing that the sites were slow because they were hosted on one server, we proposed separating them into individual sites to enhance speed and user experience.


We meticulously separated the Thanda multisite into 4 separate websites, each one hosted on its dedicated server. This separation significantly improved site speed, leading to a better user experience, longer average session durations, and reduced bounce rates. See more:


- Improved the above-the-fold loading experience by cutting the LCP time to less than two seconds. - All website loading times were lowered to less than six seconds, exceeding industry standards. Full results available at:

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United States 营销公司 Ruby Digital 获得了 GDEA 2023 Winner - Best Low Budget PPC Campaign 奖项
United States 营销公司 Ruby Digital 获得了 TechBehemoths - Top Pay Per Click Company in South Africa 2023 奖项
United States 营销公司 Ruby Digital 获得了 The Netty Awards Winner 2024 - Digital Marketing (Best Global SEO Campaign) 奖项
United States 营销公司 Ruby Digital 获得了 Engage Awards Finalist - Best Employee Wellbeing Strategy 2023 奖项
United States 营销公司 Ruby Digital 获得了 TechBehemoths - Top WordPress Company in South Africa 2023 奖项
United States 营销公司 Ruby Digital 获得了 TechBehemoths - Top SEO Company in South Africa 2023 奖项




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