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Free AI Paragraph Rewriter

Instantly rewrite your paragraphs with our AI paragraph writer tool. Improve your copy’s readability and get original, plagiarism-free text.


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What is a Paragraph Rewriter tool?

The AI Paragraph Rewriter by Semrush paraphrases and rewords your paragraphs to help you avoid plagiarism. It also improves readability, making your copy more engaging and easier to understand.

How to use the AI Paragraph Rewriter

Here’s how to use the AI text rewriter to improve and enhance your copy.

  • Input your paragraph

    Paste any text with 3-200 words and hit “Rewrite”.

  • Generate a paraphrased paragraph

    Instantly get 1-3 ideas on how to rewrite your paragraph.

  • Select the optimal readability and tone of voice

    Each suggested idea will have various levels of readability and formality. Choose the one that suits you most.

  • Save your favorite idea

    Hit the “Copy” button to save the rewritten paragraph.

  • Repeat!

    Use the tool to rewrite paragraphs for free as many times as you want—without limits.

When to use the AI Paragraph Rewriter

Wondering how our paragraph tool can help you?

Here are some ideas:

Edit and optimize your text

  • The Semrush AI Paragraph Rewriter can aid anyone looking to polish and strengthen their content.
  • It works by refining your paragraphs to provide better structure and improve clarity.
  • It also helps avoid plagiarism and adjusts your copy for various platforms and formats.

Streamline and automate your writing

  • The AI Paragraph Rewriter lets you create and reword content 10x faster by automating your writing tasks.
  • It works as an AI generator that suggests several alternative versions of your paragraphs, freeing up hours of repetitive manual work.
  • You can also use it without limits and integrate it into your daily writing routine.

Improve and adjust readability and length

  • Making your copy easy to read and engaging is key to driving traffic and conversions.
  • Our free tool will help you optimize the structure and length of your paragraphs.
  • It’ll also showcase the readability score for each copy piece and help you choose the optimal version.

Create and rewrite copy for multiple formats and channels

Use the AI Paragraph Rewriter to generate and optimize copy for various platforms: SEO copywriting, blog posts, product descriptions, social media, ads, and anything in between.

Why use the AI Paragraph Rewriter tool?

Say goodbye to repetitive manual writing tasks

Leverage AI and Semrush data to improve your copy

Use it for free, as much as you want—without any limits


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