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Make Waves Not Noise

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We’re a North East-based data-driven search marketing agency.

We help firms 'Get Found Online and Turn Clicks Into Customers'. 

We implement specialist digital strategies through search marketing (SEO, PPC, and powerful website content) to drive sustainable growth, with a focus on tracking, attribution, and accountability.

Combining a range of niche skill sets, years of experience, and an industry-leading tech stack, our performance and commitment to delivering high-performance marketing is unrivalled.

Our specialists are driven by performance, using analytical know-how to plan your campaigns and deploy them with confidence and precision.

Why choose ROAR:

  • Expertise and experience
  • Prioritising ROAS and ROI goals.
  • Industry-leading tools and tech stack.
  • Scalable and adaptable packages.
  • Transparent reporting with first-class conversion tracking as standard.
  • We pride ourselves on being easy to work with.
  • Excellent customer service is a minimum.

Our services include:

  • PPC Management - Google and Bing Ads Managment
  • SEO Services - Managed SEO |SEO Bomb®
  • Local SEO
  • Website Tracking and Analytics
  • Content Writing
  • Content Planning
  • HubSpot Marketing Management
  • Consultancy


Spence and Partners faced numerous online challenges; they suffered from poor online visibility, had few marketing-qualified leads, and needed to increase their search engine authority. They initially set three goals: to increase their online visibility, the number of quality leads and conversions.


We implemented solid, robust and reliable tracking. We assessed their website to inform our strategy and audited their SEO and PPC output. In-depth keyword research and search trend analysis helped to remove unnecessary jargon from their marketing assets and website to inform PPC strategy.


This resulted in additional business opportunity value in the region of £4.1m in the last 12 months alone (ROAS ratio of 4100:1), a rapid ascent to page one of Google search for high intent key terms, an increase in quality leads of 211% and an increase in organic traffic of 34.6%.


Tritility work within the energy consultancy market, an industry that is no stranger to change and regular fluctuation. Tritility came to ROAR seeking an agency that could improve the lead volume and quality through cleverly written paid search ads and industry-authoritative content.


ROAR created ad copy to drive quality ‘in-market’ paid traffic to their website. We researched to ensure the right people were targeted and clicked on the website. ROAR also used its trademarked SEO Bomb®to create intricate topic clusters that informed industry-focused written content.


With support from ROAR, Tritility has seen exceptional results within a highly competitive and unpredictable industry, including: - 51.69% Increase in click-through rate. - An increase of 255.56% in conversions. Tritility now has a results-driven and impactful PPC presence and content strategy.


Elements Talent Consultancy came to ROAR searching for an agency that could take on the challenge of understanding its industry and its goals. Elements aimed to grow its online visibility through organic SEO and Paid Search.


ROAR utilised its trademarked SEO Bomb® to create intricate topic clusters that informed industry-focused written content to target the right users online. Along with intelligent SEO consultancy to support organic growth and clever PPC targeted for paid search development and valuable results.


With support from ROAR, Elements achieved a successful content creation strategy, leading to Elemtns ranking at number one organically for high-intent keywords. Across our project, Elements also saw: - 16% Goal Conversion Rate (PPC) - 35% Increase In Goal Completions (PPC)

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United Kingdom 营销公司 ROAR 获得了 UK Search Awards 2023 奖项
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