Listing Management Local Rankings

Local Rankings tab is available only for the US, the UK, Australia, France, and Germany.

It’s important for your local SEO to appear in various search services. With the Local Rankings tab, you can check how well you rank by your keywords in Google Local Finder results when searching for locations you are interested in. 

You will also see the trend of your position among all local businesses on Google local finder over time. Please note that tracking your ranking requires purchasing a Semrush Local plan for your location.

The Local Rankings tab.

Within the Local Rankings, you will see the list of all of your location listings. If you click on one of your location listings, you’ll dive into a location card.

To start tracking your local position:

1. Add up to 5 keywords you would like your business to rank for separating them by a comma. 


Pop-up for selecting keywords.

2.  Add ZIP codes to specify the locations you are interested in. The first ZIP code will match your business. Two more can be added or edited once every 30 days.

The listed ZIP codes with the Google Finder position and trend.

As a result, you will get your Google Finder position for each ZIP code and a trend.

If you are interested in monitoring your business ranking on Google Maps for chosen keywords, we also recommend you check out Semrush Local’s tool - Map Rank Tracker. It helps you track your rankings on maps over time for every map pin. It's also included in the Semrush Local Premium subscription.

This can happen when the algorithm can't determine your business in the results. It searches your business according to several parameters: business name, address, phone. Please contact us via this contact form.
N/A means you’re not in the top 20, or we’re still collecting data on your keyword.